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If you are at risk for diabetes, have a significant family history, or other medical concerns, get tested today!

Diabetes has two different types. Type 1 diabetes typically comes on very strong and suddenly. Symptoms for Type 1 are often severe.


Type 2 diabetes can be tricky to detect. This type of diabetes can present symptom-free, or symptoms are so mild that they are ignored at first. However, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, you have reason to call our physician right away.


If you are experiencing rapid breathing or sweet smelling breath, seek immediate medical care.

We can help you manage your diabetes

• Excessive thirst

• Increase appetite

• Frequent urination

• Nausea, leading to vomiting

• Vision changes

• Frequent yeast infections

• Dry mouth

• Slow-healing sores, cuts, and itchy skin

Symptoms of diabetes include:

Diabetes is a pressing health concern

Diabetes is a serious medical condition that knows no boundaries. Persons afflicted with diabetes may include, children, teens, adults, and seniors.